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 CNN News:
- 'Westworld' ambitiously reboots sci-fi thriller into HBO series
- Judy Smith's real-life scandals
- Kerber's hairy bet with her coach
- Debate commission:'There were issues' with Trump audio
- Rescuer breaks down saving infant
- China is cutting off cash to Venezuela
- There are only two essential elements to doing Nashville right: music and food
- #MyBangkok: Incredible eats, stunning views
- Walmart may invest in India's online retail giant
- 8 cool travel jobs hiring right now

- First 'baby dragons' hatched in captivity reach adolescence
- Rosetta's biggest hits: The comet chaser's top seven discoveries
- Rosetta lands on 67P in grand finale to two year comet mission
- We accurately weigh up a person's character in 0.1 seconds
- High-living geckos survive snowy peaks by cuddling up
- Endangered giraffes threatened by Uganda's oil drilling bid
- Rosetta's final landing spot on comet revealed in new image
- Feedback: Investigators on the scent of missing Sardinian blood
- Insects may have feelings, so do we need more humane fly spray?
- Don't worry, bee happy: Bees found to have emotions and moods

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